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AMP XC G 18-0-4 30XCU


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Weight: 50lbs


TCS GrowStar™ Professional Fertilizers powered by AMP-XC™ are a premium all-encompassing blend of nutrients, microbial metabolites and rich organic humic substances. The AMP-XC™ enriched fertilizer’s are first of their kind in the industry and consistently outperforming all competitors tested in the field. AMP-XC not only offers your turfgrass a rich source of microbial extracted proteins and amino acids, it also take the nutrients you apply and drives them straight to the root system, maximizing your ROI and optimizing plant health.University tests conclude, fertilizer powered by AMP-XC™ improves nutrient uptake by up to 30%. This fertilizer also contains XCU® slow-release fertilizer technology. XCU® provides gradual, steady nutritional uptake for up to 10 weeks of plant response. XCU® has the highest nitrogen (N) content (43%) and lowest sulfur content (4%) of any polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea (PCSCU) on the market. The value is more area can be covered per application using less fertilizer, which is more efficient and economical. Also, with less N lock-off more of the applied N is taken up and utilized by turfgrass or plants in the expected time frame.
Net Content: 50 Lbs



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Weight When Packed 50.5 lbs

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